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After several long term health conditions were unsuccessfully treated by doctors, I decided to try reflexology back in 2011, in the hope a more holistic approach could improve my health. After an initial consultation, Sue suggested a session Kinesiology would be beneficial. Within a week of following her advice based on the session, my health dramatically improved and so many of my symptoms disappeared. Soon after this, we started to tackle fertility issues which led to a healthy pregnancy, alongside my weekly reflexology appointments.  Now with a healthy 18 month old daughter, I still return to see Sue for health advice and both reflexology and kinesiology. She really looks after me and I cannot recommend her enough!

Nicola, Swindon (Reflexology, Kinesiology, Fertility Therapy)

I have been taking the vitamins you recommended for a week now. I feel so much less anxious, I also feel less tired which could be because I feel less anxious. Whatever it is I’m really delighted. Thank you

Terri, Swindon (Kinesiology)

Having had a double heart bypass I was put on the usual combination of heart drugs. Unfortunately I suffered so many of the side effects, and my GP was unable to find the right medication for me. I looked into what else I could do and I came across Sue.  Sue arranged for a prescriptive nutritional regime as an alternative approach, with great results. I could actually have a good night’s sleep and start living again.  I now have regular kinesiology check ups with Sue, to keep on top of my health, and I am still drug free (my routine cardio check ups with the GP are all good!)  I don’t understand how it works – but it does, its amazing and Sue is my first port of call if I’m feeling unwell.

Brian, Swindon (Kinesiology & Nutritional Therapy)

I was suffering with a lot of constipation when I booked an appointment with Sue. She suggested kinesiology to find out what might be causing it and what I can do to gain some relief.  Thankfully having taken Sue’s advice I was much more comfortable within a couple of days.  Even my GP said he couldn’t have recommended better, in the situation! Now I keep on top of things by having a maintenance every 6 months.

Steve, Swindon (Kinesiology)

I was one of Sue’s original reflexology case studies when she was training. She detected that I had an imbalance associated to my kidneys especially, which I put down to scar tissue from many years ago. However, after much coaxing to get my blood pressure checked out, sure enough I was put on medication immediately. Sadly, although I did go on to have a heart attack a few weeks later, had it not been for Sue’s diligence and encouragement, I would have been none the wiser, and who knows what might have happened. I will always be grateful for her intuitiveness and needless to say I continue with regular reflexology treatments!

Sam, Swindon (Reflexology)

I initially went to see Sue for kinesiology to help with my emotional wellbeing and hormonal issues. After a couple of visits I began to feel better, and after following advice from Sue, and taking relevant supplements, my life is now much more manageable. I also regularly have reflexology which is extremely relaxing for mind and body.

Karen, Swindon (Kinesiology & Reflexology)

I love visiting Sue for my reflexology sessions, I like the fact that it’s a relaxed atmosphere with no clock watching. Sometimes it may be an hour but sometimes it may be longer. It doesn’t matter to Sue as long as the customer goes home feeling relaxed. I have tried several reflexologists in Swindon over the years, and would thoroughly recommend Sue.

Rachel, Swindon (Reflexology)

I have been going to see Sue for a fair few months now. My first session was reflexology. Sue was very nice and welcoming. I felt that she really cared about what I wanted. As I had never had reflexology before, Sue explained everything to me beforehand. We consulted before the treatment began. Since then, I also have a full body massage once a month. Sue is fantastic! I have been to many different people but I find Sue again, knows what I want. Sue is great for me, and nothing is too much trouble. Sue knows that I like crystals around the couch whilst having a massage and she really listens to see how I am feeling, then chooses the appropriate crystals that she feels will suit me at that current time. I couldn’t think of anyone better than Sue! Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Laura C, Swindon (Reflexology, Massage, Crystal Therapy)

I’ve been seeing Sue for reflexology for almost a year now and would highly recommend her. I started seeing Sue after suffering a miscarriage, and reading that reflexology may help with both the anxiety of the miscarriage, and assist with getting my periods to return to normal.

Initially I was very anxious and stressed, but found that after only one session I suddenly felt much calmer. But it wasn’t just reflexology, Sue showed a genuine concern in my fertility history and every session, I gained another piece of her knowledge and wisdom to assist me in my journey.

I am now 7 months pregnant and I continued to have regular sessions with Sue throughout my pregnancy to relax and calm me, not only is she a fabulous reflexologist but also an amazing support and friend.

Gemma, Swindon (Reproductive Reflexology, Fertility Therapy)

I have visited Sue a couple of months ago with very aggravated Eczema on my neck and inside of my arms. I was in a lot of pain, but I didn’t want to return to steroid creams and antibiotics that only provided a temporary relief in the past.  Sue suggested kinesiology and after a month of taking supplements, my condition significantly improved and the unbearable itching has also gone.  Sue is thorough in her approach and explains things well, in particular that things could get worse before they get better, which ensured that I didn’t stop treatment when that happens. I have now had 2 sessions where adjustments were made and its all going in the right direction. The result so far is tremendous, I have recommended Sue to all of my friends!

Kate, Swindon (Kinesiology)

Sue is so friendly, the environment is so calm and relaxing. Sue was amazing. I had reflexology for fatigue and various other conditions during my pregnancy. Myself and my husband couldn’t believe the change after just one session. I need to find another excuse to go back now!! It is a wonderful experience!

Rachel, Swindon (Maternity Reflexology)

I discovered Sue some years ago and over the years she has helped to alleviate various health issues. At a very low point in my health Sue identified that I was depressed, which I didn’t realise at the time. Sue gave me a remedy and after a couple of weeks I was back to my old self. I’m 61yrs of age, a grandma to 5 wonderful grandchildren, and although I have a variety of debilitating health issues, Sue helps me to stay healthy using Kinesiology and Nutritional Therapy and from time to time I indulge in Reflexology (and I cannot tell you how much difference this makes me feel!) In respect of my grandchildren, Sue has even identified which immunisations may not suit them and my daughter-in-law is also now a great believer! Sue is my first port of call before my GP, as I truly believe that a holistic approach is a healthier alternative to conventional medicine – of course, conventional medicine has its place, but for me, not until I’ve seen Sue!  I rely on her knowledge and wisdom regarding my health, and she is so easy-going and friendly – trips to her clinic are always very enlightening!

Jannah, Swindon (Multi treatment)