Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage

For some clients there is nothing quite like the whole relaxation of a Swedish massage to melt away stress and tension!

Swedish massage has many health benefits including stress relief, aching muscles, improved immune function, improved digestive function and even improved posture. In fact the whole therapeutic principal of touch can be sufficient for some clients!

For many clients, including myself, much time is spent sat down. It could be in the car, at a desk, using mobile devices or in front of the TV. Many issues arise from poor seating and the way we sit or slump in the chair. Back pain, rounded shoulders, neck pain, hunched stance, these all bring about health conditions that need correction.

My clients range from children (under parental supervision) through to the elderly (although I do not yet treat palliative care clients) and even during pregnancy.

Treatments I currently offer are:Swedish Massage

Neck, Back and Shoulders – 25 minutes  £35

Full body (excl. head) – 60 minutes  £50

Full body (incl. head) – 75 minutes  £60

It is not wise to attend for massage if you are currently unwell as this may well exacerbate your symptoms and  can make you feel worse.  If unsure please contact me to confirm.


***Please Note.   At this time I only treat female clients for massage. Male clients will only be considered if they are associated to one of my existing clients. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.