Maternity Reflexology

Close up of baby's foot in mother's handPregnant?  Experiencing pregnancy related ailments?

If you have never experienced reflexology before now is the time!

Maternity reflexology has been very successful in treating pregnancy related ailments, as hormonal, physical and emotional changes take place at this very special time.

The benefits of reflexology whilst pregnant helps with:

Heartburn Morning Sickness
Backache / Sciatica High Blood Pressure
Constipation / Diarrhoea Tiredness / Exhaustion
Fluid Retention / Swollen Ankles Postnatal Depression
SPD / Groin Pain Preparation for labour

During pregnancy, maternity reflexology helps to alleviate the symptoms the body experiences whilst adapting to the constant changes that hormonal fluctuations bring at this special time, from morning sickness, aches and pains, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting emotional wellbeing, and preparing the body for birthing. There is nothing better than having a more relaxed pregnancy, followed by labour priming for a spot of encouragement at the appropriate time.

During this special time it is usual, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy, to be completed tired and exhausted.  This is when I tend to visit clients at home most often, rather than them coming to me!  Depending on geographical area, a nominal mileage charge may be made, but can be clarified at any point throughout treatment.

N.B. Health records must be made available for viewing at any stage during treatment, and especially if you are only having treatment near to the end of your pregnancy.  This is to observe if there may be any contra-indications preventing treating.

As an appropriately trained and insured reflexologist, I treat clients as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. After all, I work with many of my clients to get them pregnant in the first place, so this is continuation for them….. This is also most advantageous if you are a great sufferer of morning sickness!

When you are back home and settled, reflexology can help with rebalancing your hormones, helping with postnatal depression, and also bringing about some natural calmness from the emotions that having a newborn baby can bring.

60 minute treatment £30. Block book 6 and pay for 5!  £150 (Must be paid in advance)

For further information please contact me or Mobile: 07925 509116