Indian Head Massage

Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage is the most wonderful experience (in my opinion!)

Indian Head Massage is an holistic therapy that is usually carried out seated in a chair. It is a combination of neck, back and shoulder massage, facial massage and a scalp massage.

If you are having a dry Indian head massage it is usually received whilst fully clothed so this makes the therapy an excellent option for work-place based treatments or pamper days.  Alternatively, oil is applied directly to the skin and into the hair (fantastic for hair condition if left in overnight!)

Because Indian Head Massage is carried out around the back, neck, shoulders and head (including face), it can help with emotional and mental stress, as well as sinus problems and headeaches.

It can also help if you are experiencing depression, as massaging the scalp increases blood flow and subsequently increasing oxygen supply to the brain. This also impacts on memory and clarity of thought, and also concentration. It is also great for promoting sleep so if you are having sleep issues then this is a great therapy to have.

By nature of the scalp massage, hair condition is improved, not just from the hair oil but regular massage stimulates hair growth.

By working around the back, neck and shoulders, this promotes increased blood flow up tension and knots, allowing for increased flexibility in the neck. It is also beneficial for shoulder problems, increased mobility in the joints.

If you are a migraine sufferer, Indian Head Massage can be of great benefit. If regular treatment is taken, this may result in less frequent episodes and even lessening severity. A protocol can be offered if this is of particular interest.

Following treatment, you may feel completely re-energised, calm and peaceful, and completely relaxed…..

Treatment time – 40 minutes  £25

It is not wise to attend for massage if you are currently unwell as this may well exacerbate your symptoms and make you feel worse.  If unsure please contact me to confirm.