Allergy – Testing and Treatment

Influenza VirusMany of us lead lives hindered by aches, pains, low self esteem and low energy levels. Treating the symptoms alone can offer temporary relief, but without getting to the root cause of the problem, wellness can never be achieved. Behind many of the symptoms that appear to be regular every day occurrences are food and / or environmental sensitivities and intolerance’s, typically wheat, dairy, house dust mite, formaldehyde, additives and eggs… to name a few.

Most of us experience temporary sensitivities and intolerances due to changes within our bodies. Increased uses of medication, antibiotics, steroids, additives and preservatives in processed foods etc. can all have an impact on our physiologycausing upsets and concerns.

Bacteria StreptococciMany more people suffer from digestive disorders, IBS and bloatedness, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, appear to have constant ‘colds and flu’, unexplained tiredness, lethergy and fatigue.

Treatment is through muscle testing which has been found to be most effective. It is non intrusive, painless and a very safe method that can be used on anyone, young and elder alike, causing no discomfort or distress. It can also helpour beloved pets! Outcomes can and do vary. Some are immediate and quite profound, others may take time, as inherently the condition has built up over many weeks, months and in some cases, years.

E-coliTreatments vary and can use homeopathic desensitisation. These remedies are taken orally and not by desensitisation injection. Other options are through nutritional supplementation if any deficiencies are identified, however this is discussed during the consultation.

Consultations are approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to include the questionnaire. A discussion will follow at the end of the session with recommendations. Follow up sessions will provide regular management and review of progress.

Treatment price £60 adults, £40 children (under 16yrs old).

Supplements are an additional charge.

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